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Carnival is over, now T&T needs to think about this.

"Prices for Black Gold are falling" by Sten Dueland, on Flickr

"Help! Help! The sky is falling!" ~ Chicken Little Now that Carnival is over, it's on every Trinbogonian's mind. … [Read more]

Of being in business on your own…

business man smile

Business is hard. I wished I'd known how hard it would be. I knew it was going to be hard work, but what I didn't know was how much I was going to suffer. And worst, how much my family would suffer too. So my mind and my relationships all shot to … [Read more]

10 things I plan to do differently in 2015

"Grow" by David Joyce, on Flickr

Do you want this year to be the best ever? So do I. … [Read more]

What I learned in 2014

"Wasteland" by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

The new year has begun. As all years, 2014 was one of ups and downs, with more mistakes than successes made in this one, but one that I was happy to pass through. I look back at the past year and take note of all the lessons I learned. It was not … [Read more]

On Death and Living

"Death and Dying" by Wayne Wilkinson, on Flickr

The death of my colleague and friend had come as a surprise. No one had expected this at all. Her spirits were high, even as she stayed in the hospital and had not seemed to be getting better. She was only 56. At 58, she was one of the longest … [Read more]

Do your children inherit your fears?

"Peekaboo" by Lili Vieira de Carvalho, on Flickr

Can your fears and personality be passed on to your children? I've often wondered about this, and even more so as I've noticed a few things in my own children that makes me believe that it can. I suffer from fear of failure, so I tend to … [Read more]

By the sweat of thy brow, thou shall eat bread

"Bread in the Kitchen" by mystuart, on Flickr

For those of you familiar with the bible, you would know that the title is taken from Genesis 3:19. I'm no bible beating person, heck, I follow no religion, but I do follow some of the teachings taken across a multitude of them. This one verse (or … [Read more]

The Judgement of Parenting

"Take my hand" by Stephan Hochhaus, on Flickr

In the news today, a man found a toddler near a highway in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The toddler's parents were outside while the toddler was napping and asked their 12 year old son to keep an eye on her. Sometime during the period, the toddler … [Read more]

If I won the lottery…

"Innumerable Riches" by Adam Ward

Another millionaire created this weekend. The lotto winner went away with TT$15.9 million (US$2.4) in a few blinks of the eye. … [Read more]

What my final year university project taught me about failure, perfectionism and handling stress

smiley face stress ball

I came across my old notebook that I used for my final year undergraduate project in Electrical Engineering. Going through it I felt a sense of nostalgia as I remembered those days — all the days and nights spent in the labs, the camaraderie with … [Read more]